50 Stories for 50 Years: Story 27

Why We Give: John and Gerry Miller

“John and I have always been committed to local healthcare,” Gerry Miller recently said when she sat down with the Bloomington Hospital Foundation to discuss their giving. “John is a retired physician, and I am a member and past president of the Local Council of Women. I also served on the hospital board for nine years. We both volunteer our time at the hospital, so giving to the Bloomington Hospital Foundation is just another way for us to show our support.”
John and Gerry Miller are members of the Bloomington Hospital Foundation’s Heritage Society (those who have pledged $10,000 or more) and have also named the Foundation as one of four beneficiaries in their will. “The Foundation just does so much for the special areas of the hospital,” Gerry explained.

“There are areas of support that may not be covered in the hospital budget that the Foundation is able to make a real difference – like Children’s Therapy, Hospice House or the Alzheimer’s Service. The Foundation makes a tremendous impact in those added services we might not otherwise have.”

John and Gerry typically give to the Hospital’s Greatest Need when they make a donation. “We have great trust in the Foundation to know best what to do with the funds they receive and to use the dollars where they are needed most,” she said.

Gerry noted how much the hospital has grown and how many services have been added over the years; she attributes much of that due to the support of the Bloomington Hospital Foundation. John also had high praise for the care he personally recently received as a stroke patient.

“We believe in the hospital. We think it’s one of the best, and it covers such a wide region. A high-quality hospital is incredibly important in our community, and we feel supporting the Foundation is key to having world-class, compassionate care right here at home.”

50 Stories for 50 Years: Story 27