50 Stories for 50 Years: Story 36

Lauren Dexter, Special Events & Marketing Manager

The G.I.R.L. Friend Fund

Cathey Logue, a breast cancer survivor, founded the G.I.R.L. Friend Fund (Giving Individuals with cancer Resources out of Love) in 2000 to provide special help and support to cancer patients. The Bloomington Hospital Foundation manages the fund, and fund distribution is coordinated through the IU Health Olcott Center and the G.I.R.L. Friend Fund Committee.

The G.I.R.L. Friend Fund provides products or services that relieve some of the discomfort and stress of experiencing cancer, as well as funding for attendance of educational seminars or conferences related to one’s experience with cancer.

In the first year of the fund, seven patients were helped; fast forward to 2016 where 283 patients accessed the G.I.R.L. Friend Fund! Nearly $24,000 in gas cards and other services were provided to patients in need. (Gas cards assist patients who might not otherwise be able to afford to get to and from treatments.)

The Bloomington community has embraced the G.I.R.L. Friend Fund and supports it through direct gifts and events including Tee Up Against Cancer. To donate to the G.I.R.L. Friend Fund, please visit BloomingtonHospitalFoundation.org and click on “Give Now.” To apply for funds, please visit iuhealth.org/bloomington/cancer and click on the application link.