50 Stories for 50 Years: Story 44

Lauren Dexter, Special Events & Marketing Manager

Making an Impact – Southern Indiana Pathologists

Southern Indiana Pathologists has a rich history of supporting the community. Dr. Anthony Pizzo, recipient of the Foundation’s Impact Local Healthcare Award, founded the lab in 1951. “He felt a strong obligation to support our community,” said Dr. Eric Stevens, a physician with Southern Indiana Pathologists. “Our group has shared that feeling over the years. We believe in giving back to Bloomington and to our hospital.”

And give, they have. Over the years Southern Indiana Pathologists as an entity has donated more than $154,000. Many of the physicians also personally give, with several over the years joining Physicians of Heritage (those who pledge $10,000 or more to the Foundation).

Most recently, the group has decided to direct their funds to support the IU Health Olcott Center and the hospital’s cancer program. “Pathology plays an integral role in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, so we’ve wanted our support to dovetail with what is probably our most important contribution,” Dr. Stevens explained.

The group also supports the Foundation with their time. The lab staff always has a Hoosiers Outrun Cancer team on which many of the pathologists participate. They also attend 100 Men Who Cook and the Gala, too.

Southern Indiana Pathologists consists of four physicians who are all partners in the practice: Dr. Stevens; Mark Fons, DO; Beatriz Sanchez, MD; and Bret Huber, DO. The group has been very involved with the planning process for the new Regional Academic Health Center. “As with most physicians in town, we’re excited about the new hospital and how we can continue to provide our clinicians with quality pathology and lab services here in Bloomington,” Dr. Stevens said.

“IU Health Bloomington is the most important healthcare provider in our region,” he said. “Our group gives because we believe local businesses, and especially local physicians, should want to work to improve the care it offers.”