50 Stories for 50 Years: Story 45

Lauren Dexter, Special Events & Marketing Manager

A Look Back on Leadership

As you know, the Bloomington Hospital Foundation has been celebrating 50 years of making a local impact on healthcare throughout 2017. One way we have done this is through our 50 Stories for 50 Years – it’s hard to believe we find ourselves on Story 45 already!

“Over the years, the Bloomington Hospital Foundation has given each of us an opportunity to give back to our community, to be an active participant in something much bigger than ourselves and to know that our donations – large and small – have had a direct impact on the quality of healthcare for our friends and neighbors,” said Foundation Board Member Winston Shindell. “It brings us together for a common cause that is beneficial to all.”

One group of local leaders has had a particularly crucial role in bringing people together for a common cause. For Story 45, we honor and thank those who have served at the helm of the Foundation, beginning with the Foundation’s very first paid employee in 1976.

Barry K Hurtt (1976-1988)
Judy Talley (1988-1997)
Susan Lyons (1997-2007)
Christopher Malloy (2007-2013)
Jonathan Barada (2013 – Present)

“It is a great honor to stand on the shoulders of those who came before me,” said Foundation President Jon Barada. “I’m thankful for their vision and leadership, and I’m ever grateful to serve as current President of the Bloomington Hospital Foundation. We choose not to define ourselves by how much money we raise; rather we measure our success by the impact we make in the lives of those served by our mission. We have done so for 50 years and look forward to making an impact in the next 50 years and beyond.”