Dr. Timothy & Jill Steiner

Physicians of Heritage Members

Dr. Timothy & Dr. Jill Steiner

Dr. Timothy & Dr. Jill Steiner

“We are very privileged to be physicians,” said Dr. Timothy Steiner. “And I think we have an obligation to help our community. Since Bloomington Hospital is an important part of this small town community, anything we can do to make it better, stronger and more advanced makes Bloomington a better place to live.”

Dr. Steiner and his wife, Jill, are members of Bloomington Hospital Foundation’s Physicians of Heritage. Dr. Steiner joined the Physicians of Heritage during his first year in practice. “If I can afford to join in my first year, any physician can,” noted Dr. Steiner. “It just takes a little effort and commitment to the hospital and our community.”

He said he likes the fact that Physicians of Heritage allows physicians – separate from other community members and businesses – to make contributions to the Foundation. “The number of physicians in the Heritage Society is a testament that we, as physicians, care about the hospital and our community.”

Dr. Steiner has a special interest in treating high school and college athletes as well as “weekend warriors.” He spent a year at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation doing a fellowship in Sports Medicine. While there, he was assistant team physician for the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Cavaliers and team physician for John Carroll University. Dr. Steiner championed bringing automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to area high schools.

Timothy and Jill are both from Indiana – Timothy from Carmel and Jill from Fort Wayne. They knew they wanted to raise their children in Indiana with the same Midwestern-values of their own upbringing. Jill is a pediatric nurse that now stays home and cares for their two boys – Jack, three years old and Will, one year old. They both love the outdoors and find time to bike, hike and run.