Jim Ed Prow

Circle of Excellence

“I’m getting ready to celebrate my 33rd year here at Bloomington Hospital,” James Edward (Jim Ed) Prow recently said. “The hospital has been good to me. And I have a lot of precious memories especially of those I have worked with in the hospital. What better way to remember those special people who have passed on than to give to the Foundation?”

Jim Ed has donated to the Foundation several times over the years. Many of his donations have been anonymous. His most recent donation was not anonymous – he made a donation and in return received his name on a brick in front of the hospital.

“I’ve spent almost half of my life here,” explained Jim Ed. “I wanted to make sure that people – years and years from now – will see the brick and know I was part of this great organization in some way.”

“This hospital is like family for me,” he said. “Most of my family is gone. When you don’t have close relatives, the people you work with become your family. The ups and downs, joys and sadness, passing of the people you work with all become ‘family.’ The hospital has given me a job, a place to call my own, friends and stability. It’s been good.”

So when Jim Ed wants to give back, he thinks of the Foundation. “Giving a gift to the Foundation is a way of expressing how I feel about the hospital – the care that I have for it and the care it has had for me over the years.”

Jim Ed is a Unit Coordinator in Psych Services. When he’s not busy working nights at the hospital, he spends time studying genealogy (he belongs to several genealogy societies) or collecting antiques at area auctions. Jim Ed is well known for his community interest as he is a charter, life member and past President of the Hendricksville Area Association.