Ray & Marcie Tichenor

Honoring a Legacy

Ray & Marcie Tichenor

Ray & Marcie Tichenor

“Every child on the planet deserves to live up to their potential,” the late Marcie Tichenor said in early 2008. “It just so happens that the children at our Children’s Therapy Center need a little extra help to do so.”

With that in mind, Ray and Marcie Tichenor decided to make a generous donation to the Bloomington Hospital Foundation in 2007. A quasi-endowment of $100,000 over three years set up the Tichenor Fund for Children’s Therapy.

Marcie Tichenor passed away in late 2009; Ray passed away in 2011. But their dream of helping the children of Bloomington lives on through the Tichenor Fund.

For over 20 years, the Indiana University Health Children’s Therapy Center in Bloomington has provided specialized and comprehensive care for our area’s children with special needs. Its patient population has more than doubled in the past nine years.

“The Children’s Therapy Center gives children chances,” Marcie once said. “Chances to do things in life they might not have otherwise been able to do.”

Over forty percent of the center’s patients are insured by Medicaid and receive their vital services at a financial loss to the clinic and hospital. As demand increases dramatically and revenues increase modestly, philanthropy has helped bridge the gap for the program to continue to meet its mission.

“The Tichenor Fund for Children’s Therapy is a solution to the challenges our Children’s Therapy Center faces,” said Chris Molloy, JD, President of the Bloomington Hospital Foundation. “This fund associates the name of one of South Central Indiana’s most successful and generous families to the IU Health Children’s Therapy Center while providing a stable, permanent and growing endowment to provide our children with the latest therapeutic equipment and the most up-to-date resources and programs.”

Marcie believed that if everyone would just pick one thing and support it, we would all be better for it. She considered herself lucky and blessed. She and Ray wanted to give back to the community and now their legacy of supporting children continues.

“Through the Tichenor Fund for Children’s Therapy, the Tichenor’s passion will continue to benefit children with special needs in our community for many years to come,” said Pam Felts, Manager, IU Health Children’s Therapy Center in Bloomington. “The quality of life of countless children and their families will be impacted well into the future.”

Memorial contributions in honor of Ray or Marcie may be made to the Tichenor Fund for Children’s Therapy in care of the Bloomington Hospital Foundation, 405 N. Rogers St., Bloomington, IN 47404.