Heidi’s Story

Heidi Smith joined fellow members of her philanthropic society at the IU Health Olcott Center in Bloomington.  On their visit they learned about all that Olcott offers our community and they also learned how to do breast self-exams. They each held a model breast that let them literally get a feel for different types of lumps.

At 32 years old, Heidi did not think much more about her experience at Olcott – until less than a month later when she felt a lump near her armpit. She visited her family doctor who immediately referred her for a mammogram and ultrasound. The next day she had a biopsy. Two days later she was told she had invasive lobular carcinoma – two tumors were in her left breast.

Somewhat in shock, Heidi, along with her husband Craig, again visited the Olcott Center. Her mission: to learn all she could about her particular type of cancer.

They also visited IU Health Bloomington Hospital’s physician, Dr. Fadi Haddad. Together they decided on a left breast mastectomy. The surgery went well and she learned her lymph nodes had not been affected by cancer. It was now time to discuss chemotherapy.

Her oncologist was Dr. Jackie Joyce. Dr. Joyce wanted Heidi to have every confidence regarding chemotherapy. She recommended a second opinion with Dr. Kathy Miller in Indianapolis. Together, and along with Heidi, the two physicians collaborated to come up with a tailored chemotherapy treatment for Heidi’s cancer. Throughout chemotherapy, she again returned to Olcott – this time for the free massages!

Heidi is now cancer free. Looking back, she credits the positives of her experience to two things: the amazing timing and blessing of her initial visit to the Olcott Center and the support, love and kindness of her family, her friends and even strangers throughout her battle.

Indiana University Health Bloomington – A Proven Leader

IU Health Bloomington  is a leader in cancer care – not just in Indiana, but throughout the country. The Commission on Cancer recently reviewed  IU Health Cancer Services in Bloomington and granted its approval of accreditation, with commendation. Only one in four hospitals in the U.S. have received approval, even fewer with commendation.

So what does that mean? It means we are dedicated to quality care, continuous improvement and public accountability. It means that we must continue in our efforts. It means we have to further our commitment to state-of-the-art care and equipment. We will do that through digital mammography. Lives will be saved by the detection of breast cancer in its earliest stage

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